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Wake up Happy Face Exercise!

Recognizing love when you see it.  

by Janet Bernson, The Healing Artist

All rights reserved 2002


Everyone has bad days.  What if you could give yourself something to smile about?  This exercise will help you put a smile on your face, perhaps even a spring in your step and a giggle in your mouth!  It is not to be done with one ounce of seriousness.  In fact, mirth is the main ingredient in this exercise for waking up happy.



1. Begin with a clean mirror.  You can use window cleaner, but then you must rinse it with clean water.  You'll see why in the next steps.


2. Go to your refrigerator or cupboard and locate your favorite treat with spreading/painting capabliities.  Chocolate syrup, molasses, honey, fruit preserves or jam, peanut butter…. Hummus…. Whatever makes you lick your lips in the morning hours and say "delicious."


3. Return to the mirror with selected treat.


4. Wash your hands thoroughly.  My mother always told me to do this-force of habit.


5. Look at your reflection.


6. Locate your most prominent features, including but not limited to lips, nose, eyes, ears. 


7. Open container of selected treat.


8. Put your fingers in and scoop out enough to paint on mirror where you have located said features.


9. Step back far enough to see your newly transformed image.


10. Speak the following words to the image, looking directly at it.


You are delicious.

You  are divine.

I cannot wait to taste your lips

Let me kiss your eyes so I can see you better

Let me smell you.  Oh that nose, I could just eat you up.

I could just lick you all over.

I think I will.


11. Savor your reflection. Eat it up. Really.

If you think that the exercise above is silly.  It is.  Do it anyway.  No one is watching but you. 

Remember: Don't expect others to make you laugh and giggle and jump for joy. You can  attract love and joy into your life when you are ready to create it inside of you first. Make yourself smile with your creative energy.  


Begin your day with the Wake Up Happy exercise.  You will be amazed at the wonderfully fun people you will meet that day. Note them in your journal ...




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