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Too Tired for Love, romance, relationships, your career, fun - life?

Written by GRFL Founder & Former Fatigue Sufferer,

Viveca Stone-Berry

This 15 page "bottom line" guide is especially written for women who are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Are You?

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Love! From The Inside Out!

with Dr. Michael Grossman & Janet Bernson

Segment 1: Listen 
Are you stressed out? Take the "Stress Test."

Are you fit for Love?

We'll start off this topic by putting out lives and our love drive under a microscope

with the valued input of Dr. Michael ...

Segment 2:  Listen 

Love ... Health ... don't give up before you get your miracle ...

Segment 3Listen 

No to the 3 Cs ... coffee, cookies, cupcakes ... hello to the newer,
cooler, younger

you (and me!)

Segment 4: Listen 
The Wake Up Happy Exercise!

Go grab your mirror ... stand in front of your fridge ... put your intellect aside and proceed ... carefully? Heck no! This is a blast!

Segment 5:  Listen

Unmasking can help you and me have Love ... More Love... Better Love ...

Lots of Love ...

Segment 6:  Listen 

Parting thoughts ... reflections ... announcements and ... the

"Top Ten Countdown on Viagra Advertising Slogans"


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