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Special Thanks to! Kathy Browning, author, Feng Shui for Abundant LivingReleasing the Past and Preparing for the Future



Free Feng Shui Tip: Our homes are regarded as very sacred places in Feng Shui, therefore it is very important that we maintain our homes, just as we maintain the hygiene and health of our bodies.


The second step to incorporating Feng Shui into your daily life is to fix and repair everything in your home, office and garden. Oftentimes, we hold onto items that are in need of repair. How much stuff do you have that needs a screw, a dab of glue, a stitch or two? Make time to sort through these items and determine what you really want and what you know you will never fix. Determine the value of this item and if it is truly something you want to hang on to, take the time to fix it or take it to someone who will fix it for you. If you are ready to part ways with the item, place it in the trash, sell it or donate it, but get rid of it. Starting over again ...


There is much symbolism used in Feng Shui and the more you learn about this art, the easier it will become for you to make these connections. Clutter and broken items are symbolic of clutter of the mind, holding onto the past, and things which no longer work.


Windows are the eyes of chi (life force energy) and affect your clarity, so replace broken window panes and clean the windows. If you’re having a hard time ‘seeing’ things, take a look at your windows. Chinese culture teaches that broken windows create conflicts with a child or inner child.



The main entrance to your home or building is the main ‘mouth’ of Chi. Symbolically this is where all of the chi enters the building. It is important that the main entrance be clear, open and well defined.



The important thing for you to remember is that all these things affect the way chi (energy) flows through your home and workplace. Although this energy is invisible, it is there. Feng Shui provides you with the tools to harness this energy and put it to work in your favor.


As chi circulates through your home, it begins to develop certain forms and invisible energy patterns. These patterns of energy form the chi that enters our bodies. The chi in our bodies in turn sends out these energy patterns like a telegraph to the world. The energy then draws to it, like a magnet, certain life situations (e.g., relationships, jobs, etc.) that reflect the same type of energy patterns that our chi is sending out.


By learning to detect how the chi flows through and around your house, you can then locate the areas where energy is blocked, stagnant, oppressive, or flowing too strongly. By using the Bagua Map to assess the chi in your home, you will receive all of the information that you need to make the proper adjustments (cures/remedies) to bring balance and harmony to your environment.


Bringing things back into order may be as simple as placing a jade plant in your wealth corner, adding extra light to a room, perhaps a splash of color on a wall. By learning how to work with the energy in your home, you can ultimately shape and alter the many different situations in your life.


Remember, it is important to determine what your main goal is and apply one cure at a time. If you go into a room and take everything out, paint the walls, replace the carpet and put in brand new everything, you could end up with a bigger problem than you started with. Keep this simple and be patient. Feng Shui is not a quick fix, but I guarantee you, if you follow the steps outlined in the “Feng Shui for Abundant Living” eBook, you will experience positive results.



Kathy Browning is
comfort giving, respected educator and friend. She is also ... the founder of
Cancer Comfort, an online resource center for cancer patients and caregivers and the founder of, which offers natural progesterone cream for the entire family.




Her most recent adventure as a freelance writer and author of "Feng Shui for Abundant Living -– A Guide to Health, Wealth and Happiness.” is a resounding success because of the quality of the product and because of the Love she puts into all of her relationships.



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