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Latin for Lovers!
want to spice up your Love life?
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Immortalis Ero Si Altera Talis Erit      Another night like that and I'll live forever


Cur toro viduo iaces?                       Why lie on an empty bed?


Me Commove  Me Refrigera Me Exple     Thrill Me, Chill Me,

                                                               Fulfill Me


Vita                                                         My Life


Ocelle                                                    Apple of my eye


In Somniis!                                            In your dreams!


De Te Ergo, Mihi Narra                      So, tell me about you.


Omnia Vincit Amor                            Love conquers all


Tria Genera Osculantium: machina exstingens, homo moriuus arte medicates et machina exsorbens 

There are three kinds of kissers: the fire extinguisher, the mummy and the vacuum cleaner.


Compliments of:  How To Seduce, Pleasure And Titillate in Classical Latin   by Michelle Lovric & Jenny Quickfall


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