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  Are you tired all the time? Are you sick & tired of feeling tired?
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Too Tired for Love, romance, relationships, your career,
fun - your life?

Written by
GRFL Founder
& Former
Fatigue Sufferer,

Viveca Stone-Berry

This 25 page "bottom line" guide is especially written for women who are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Are You?

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Viveca's Journey


I think I have it Now What?


AF BE GONE Symptoms

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Character, not circumstances,
makes the man.
-Booker T. Washington



He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.
-Thomas Jefferson



Begin - to begin in half the work, let
half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished.
- Marcus Aurelius




Trouble is part of your life - if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a change to love you enough.
- Dinah Shore


If I was turned out of my realm in
my petticoat, I would Prosper anywhere in Christendom.
-Queen Elizabeth



He who hunts for flowers will
find lowers; and he who Loves
weeds will find weeds.
- Henry Ward Beecher



Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.
-Zen Saying



Do what you can, with what
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Theodore Roosevelt



Telling one's sorrow often brings comfort.
-Pierre Corneille


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Free Love & Health Advice from The Masters. Tune in "Live" or to an interview from the past that applies to your present.



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Adrenal Fatigue

80 % of American women will suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Is this you? Your best friend?

My Wake Up Call was ...
I couldn't wake up in the morning. And, I couldn't wait to go back to bed.
What's Yours?

Adrenal Fatigue Conversations 
You are not alone * Join In

This is a thread that started on Sept 20th & it is still going strong.
I know this should be a "blog." That day will come. Until then it will
just be a very, very long web page! Feel free to add to the conversation
at anytime. Just email me @
Put "Adrenal Fatigue
Be Gone" in the Subject line.

When written in Chinese, the word Crisis is composed of two characters -  one represents danger, and the other represent opportunity.

-John F. Kennedy 

Dear Friends,

If you haven't been feeling very wild for awhile this could be your "Wake Up" Call.
If it isn't you, but reminds you of a friend or lover please pass it on. 

Last week I was stunned to find out that I am and have been suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. First I was stunned at my denial. I have had so many excuses for being tired
over this past year (you'll see some of them below.)  

Next I went into "why me?" depression.  

Now I am so thankful that it is not something worse!!! Thankful that I can correct it before it gets worse. AF is not a problem  it is a wake up call - a warning that really bad things are coming my way if I don't make some changes ...   

Is this you? Look down this list that I've compiled. If you answer YES to most then please wake up and make it an opportunity to change. 

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

*80% of American women will suffer from adrenal fatigue.
First for women on the go
, September 26, 2005  

  • Fatigue ... Fatigue ... Fatigue

(There was always a good reason - I blamed it on the holidays; on the move, on the wedding, on the time change, on the party, on the job, on the weekend, on my fiancé, on ennui, on PMS, Peri-menopause, my mother, my period, getting old, being lazy, bad attitude ... the fact is I have felt fatigued over most everything this past year.)  

  • Feeling Fatigue in the morning despite sufficient hours of sleep - difficult to get up in the morning like normal - even when you are a "morning person". YES. 
  • Feeling Fatigue in the afternoons esp between 3-5 p.m. YES.  
  • Feeling more energetic in the late afternoon and early evening. YES.
  • Insomnia/illregular sleep - fatigued at night but still waking up on and off. Usually thinking anxious thoughts while waking ... always something to worry about ... YES a symphony of YES.

  • Weight gain and can't lose it, especially around the waist. Absolutely Yes.  
  • Depression for not particular reason as well as for particular reasons. YES on & off.  
  • Hair loss  Yes.
  • Acne  Not much  
  • Reliance on stimulants like caffeine & cookies * YES oh Yes.
  • Cravings for carbohydrates or sugars  Yes!  
  • Poor immune function  not so obvious  
  • Intolerance to cold  not so much for me.  
  • Hypersensitivity to light/sound/touch/odors (I am very bothered by sound right now - 
    even the car radio which I used to  enjoy annoys me.)  
  • Poor Memory/Spaciness/Memory lapses/Difficulty Concentrating  YES oh Yes.  
  • Reduced sex drive  Yup.  

·         Constipated  Yes! And ... if you don't have a movement at least once a day
you are constipated!

  • Feel easily - often overwhelmed...Yes 
  • Recurrent Candida infections Yes 
  • Increased frequency of urination  Yes   

Some of my Solutions & Sources:

1.  Research on Google.  

2.  Taking a calcium/mg supplement before going to bed. Advised to take a minimum of 400 mg of Magnesium & am sleeping much better. Also advised to add 2 TBS of flax to my diet am doing that can’t remember why!!!

Source:  Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. Wellness Expert, Author , Hot Times  
Click Here to
listen to her interview. 

3.Going to bed @ 9:00 p.m. with a relaxing book and going to sleep between 9:30-10:00

If you have adrenal fatigue or are at risk for developing it, you should go to bed as early as possible and not change your bedtime. Before the widespread use of electricity, people would go to bed shortly after sundown and were healthier for it. Our adrenal glands do most of their recharging between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. In addition, our bodies dump toxins during this same period. If you are awake, your adrenals can’t recharge and toxins back up into the liver.

Source: Heidi Whitaker is a public speaker and co-author with Kathy Browning of Autoimmunity: It’s Time for Truth; It’s Time to Heal.    

2.  Take a Saliva Hormone test I am just now investigating this. Will let you know.  Test takes time - you take it on something like the 26th day from your last period.

3.  Energy patch.  Trying out product next week.

4. Colon Cleanse followed by a Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse. I ordered these products from Dr. Richard Schulze.  Source:  

5.Cutting back on caffeine ... this is almost the hardest of all BUT I would rather cut back then have to give it up entirely ... 

6. Meditation in the mornings even just five or ten minutes of sitting still & relaxing. 

7. Relaxing ... being more gentle with myself ... less perfectionist ... fresh flowers, Epsom salt baths with ten drops of Lavender essence oil, eating breakfast!, eating dinner earlier, turning off violent and aggressive programming (like Law & Order! sniff) tuning our of politics, the news ... 

Finally I'd like to share some very personal input from my healer because ...
Adrenal Fatigue  like anything - is so affected by our relationship with ourselves
and our spirit.

 Viveca - Your sleeping difficulties are emotional.  The emotion showing up is judgment.  This is why you are pulling the same angel card also.  It looks like
you are judging how your new life and career are coming together and it is not
exactly how your mind thinks it should be so it keeps trying to control the
situation by trying to think of solutions to make everything the way mind
wants it instead of leaving it to God and the Universe to unfold it in perfection
for you. Please try to relax and take it easy.

So friends I hope this information is of service. If you're feeling fatigued there's hope - we can all be feeling Wild in time for the holidays. If you want to stay connected with me on this journey just send a PM and we can compare notes as we clean up our acts! 

Let’s enjoy the journey and ... 

Love on! Viveca
Get Ready For Love! Radio

P.S. If you are a health specialist with input please add into the conversation. I am a very motivated lay person just trying to get a bottom line on this situation.  

P.P.S. If you too are judging yourself - judge yourself just perfect just the way you are and take it easy!  


Hi Viveca,

Thank you for posting this. Adrenals are something people don't usually think about, but they can really affect your life and how you feel.

While I'm not a health specialist, my mother and her husband are both naturopathic doctors. They recommend Licorice Root to feed the adrenal glands and I can tell you it makes a big difference. Be sure to get a high quality supplement for maximum benefit.

- Cathy


This is a good thing to post, but I have lots of the symptoms you list and two separate disorders that cover them - and yes, I do actually have them both, rather than the doc has just 'decided'.
Between bipolar disorder and polycystic ovaries, I've probably got about 90% of your list - including fatigue, acne, weight gain, issues with 'processed and refined food (your caffeine/cookie thing ;)) and hair loss.

Though it’s a great idea to try and at least start working out what is wrong with you, I'd advise caution. As I know what Pcos does to my body (I have cysts that burst and then leave me INCREDIBLY depressed. Couple that with bipolar disorder and you work it out :)) and could possibly leave me sterile if it goes too far, I'm advising that anyone with those symptoms contact their doc if they can. If they can't don't rule out other things and obviously, follow the suggestions you can. might not be Adrenal fatigue - or it could be that AND other things. Y'never know.

- Kai


Thanks for sharing! 

Cathy - I meant to buy Licorice Root when I went to the health food store last week but ... forgot! I will be adding it in this week. yes, it has shown up numerous places as an
excellent supplement for this problem.

Kai - I realized after I pushed the "post" button that I had not listed "See your doctor" as one of the action items. I thought at that time it was odd ... then I remembered ...  

I always have an annual physical. My last exam was in May & I brought up several of
these issues
and was told they were just "perimen" symptons and to "tough it out."
The doc also said a hormone test was a waste of time & money.

My experience with doctors and with serious health issues of friends has led me to often "supplement" their advice. In fact, if a friend had told me about this & what the doc said I would have encouraged them to get a second opinion! I didn't do that for myself - it's o.k., I'm lucky to be getting to it now. 

I have always been very strong & healthy but I've gone through many difficult health problems w/ friends & family. Aids, asthma, colon cancer, breast cancer to name a few. I've seen miracles happen inside and outside of conventional medicine. I encourage everyone to "supplement" and to not give up before they get their miracle. 

Final notes ...  

Like attracts like. My fiancé is also suffering from fatigue. Makes sense doesn't it?! If you are experiencing these symptoms get everyone checked out - mates, children. Make changes together. Who wouldn't benefit from more rest, better nutrition, the right supplements of nutrition, spirit, friendship ... 

A Little Dab May Do. I am already - from just a few changes - feeling so much better. Our bodies are incredible healers ...  

So! Take care. take it easy, trust yourself, trust your journey, have some play time, down time, spirit time and ... 

Love on! Viveca
Founder, Get Ready For Love Radio


WOW! I just learned A LOT!! And call me ignorant, but what is Licorice Root?
Never heard of it. - Julie  


Having worked in the health care industry I know what Viveca is talking about when
doctors blow off your symptoms. My recommendation is to get the best of both worlds
by finding a physician who practices "functional medicine". They will often list this in your provider manual. This type of physician is more up to date on complimentary care issues
and would never say a hormone test was a waste of money.

If you love your physician you could compliment that with a licensed naturopath to help
with issues that may not be under traditional western medicine. Traditional physicians have
to learn so much but they don't learn much about complimentary care issues unless they
seek it. - Meri


Hello Viveca,

Adrenal fatigue is rampant in this country, particularly since we are conditioned to go, go, go and do, do, do. And, you are 110% correct when you say this is a wake-up call because when we are out-of-balance, it doesn't take long for our health to plummet.

Something that has always stuck with me is the quote of "I was in perfect health until I was diagnosed with cancer." I am proud of you for being aware that something wasn't right and seeking the information to empower yourself. While none of us want to be diagnosed with any disease or disorder, once we know what we have, we can find the answers to fix it.

One person who comes to mind to assist you would be Marguerite Wright. She is a certified herbologist and really knows her stuff. Tracy Bocynck (did I spell your name right Tracy?) offers a healing modality you might be interested in.

You might also want to attend one of Heidi's free teleseminars. In fact, she is hosting one this evening. Her class is only 30 minutes long, but it is packed with information. You can find details and register for the class at

Last, but not least, you are taking the flax for the essential fatty acids. Heidi can tell you more about the benefits and exactly why you should include this in your diet.

Kudos to you for taking back control of your health! Let us know if there's anything we can do to assist you on your healing journey!

All the Best, Kathy

"It's Time to Take Control of Autoimmune Disease"



Adrenal Fatigue can sneak up on a person over time. So many people learn to live with the symptoms and schedule their lives around them. The sad thing is that for most of us, this is a man-made disease. We live our lives on over-drive and are walking, sleep-deprived zombies. We run our bodies into the ground and give them less respect than our cars! We all appreciate the fact that our cars need to be refueled. Well, our bodies refuel between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. Our poor adrenals don't stand a chance when we stay up late at night.

Ben Franklin said it best: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Most people don't realize that going to bed at a decent hour matters JUST AS MUCH as getting a decent amount of sleep. What is a decent hour? Believe it or not, if you already have blown out your adrenals, you need to be in bed as early as 10:00 PM. Skip the news or what ever else you normally do at that time. Your health, a sex life, and everything else that is affected by adrenal fatigue is worth it!

What is a decent amount of sleep? Again, if you have ALREADY run your adrenal gland into the ground, you may need nine hours of sleep per night.


"Autoimmunity: It's Time for Truth; It is Time to Heal." is available at

P.S. You may also want to supplement to provide support to your adrenal gland.


"Like Attracts Like"

Thank you ladies! You are quite a team!

I am doing what I am told by the experts (including you) and I am already starting to feel better i.e. less fatigue and better overall energy.

Wanted to add a note to this - I'll call it "Like Attracts Like."

I've also uncovered the fact that my fiancé is suffering from the same thing! You are so right Heidi saying that it "sneaks up over time." We've shared the same excuses for feeling tired, the move, the new job, the wedding, the this, the that.

I had a talk with him yesterday - shared my findings & action plan. It really cheered him up. Now we are on the same page about working on this together.

This morning we had to get up too early but had that bowl of oatmeal - we will be in bed @ 9:00 tonight - this weekend we'll plan some "low stress" fun - gonna hit some golf balls at the range.

One of my solutions (and his) to the fatigue (and weight gain - we're trying to look bride & groom hot!) has been to drive ourselves physically. A couple weeks ago I eased back bcs intuitively I could tell it wasn't the right thing to do. He goes to the gym and just pounds himself ...

Do you have a comment on how to be about "exercise & fitness" while repairing from Adrenal Fatigue?

Thanks & Love on! Viveca,
Founder, Get Ready For Love! Radio 


Greetings Viveca,

Glad to hear you are already feeling better and I have all the confidence in the world that you and Michael will be "bride and groom hot", LOL.

As far as exercise is concerned, never underestimate the power of a 30 minute walk. Your
body needs time to detox and that cannot be achieved by power lifting at the gym. Strenuous exercise during adrenal fatigue only exacerbates the problem because your body excretes lactic acid. That's why it is so important to drink filtered water after a good workout, as you need to flush the toxins from the body.

I personally would recommend a good, brisk 30-minute walk each day.

Happy Trails :o)  - Kathy 


Hello ladies.

I was in such adrenal fatigue that by the time I figured it out, I was almost to the point of adrenal crisis. Last summer I spend most of the time sleeping. I would spend 16 hours or more per day asleep. Even when I slept a long time, if I got into the car and drove for more than ten minutes, I'd be falling asleep at the wheel.

This adrenal problem did not come on because I drank a lot of caffeine, or ran myself into the ground. It was because I trusted my health to the allopathic physicians who put me on prednisone. I was on it off and on for about six years. (mostly on) That was a big reason for my problem.

However, I am now getting much better, and learning more every day as I work toward my Bachelor's degree in natural health. One thing that no one mentioned is the danger of sugar in our diets. Sugar is an extremely bad thing for the adrenal glands as well as just about every other part of our bodies. Sugar is a stimulant, and it will cause these problems, as well as diabetes, etc... Look at the labels on your food. It’s either sugar, corn syrup, high fructose
corn syrup, honey, etc... It's all sugar!! And don't think that spenda etc is any better. It's not.

Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in there! :)

Love and Light~ Renee S.


Hey Kathy, wouldn't yoga help her too? just adding my .01 worth (if that much) cuz i'm still trying to get caught up here myself!!!

Peace~  Tara :)


Hi Viveca.
I haven't read the Reponses yet so this may be a repeat. When I was in my
late 20's I was diagnosed with "adrenal fatigue" by a natural path doctor and
what I had to do to bring things in balance was to stop caffeine as you mentioned, but also I was given small dissolvable tabs of B-12 and needed to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before meals. It really worked quickly for me. So quick in fact I was able to go back off track with all my usual vices within a couple months, although suffered years later for my vices.  - Viviana


I have been a health nut all my adult life and have never been sick, but at this stage of life transition, I felt it was time to get a complete check up at the last birthday (last December). Everything showed up "spectacular" on the lab work.

I am phenomenally healthy and look 20 years younger. Then why do I get tired with weird sleep patterns?. Well, a lot can be attributed to hormone changes - I am well past menopause and don't want to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I have been lifting weights for 20 years and eat a natural foods diet so I am not concerned about heart and bone health. But I feel like a spark plug is missing :-)
I admit it may very well have to do with my sleep patterns
(Heidi and I have discussed this).

I have been doing a bit of research for the past year.
I kept hearing the name of a particular doctor in Los Angeles over and over this past year, all from different sources - Dr. Hans Gruenn. ( Women rave about him. He is a medical doctor originally trained in Europe but also practices alternative medicine at his longevity center. I went to see him and he had me repeat a couple of the blood tests. I have the follow up appointment in about a week. They were right - he's a wonderful doctor and very up to date with the latest alternative treatments. He mentioned adrenal fatigue and we'll discuss this at our appointment.

But I also want to mention this. My gynecologist, also an outstanding and caring doctor whom I have known for probably 15 years, has another diagnosis for women with many of these same symptoms. I have also researched a lot in this area: the thyroid.

Even though my thryroid tests are normal, there is a wide range of opinion as to what is "normal" to different doctors. But doctor Norris says he does not go by the tests, he goes by the woman and the symptoms. And many of the symptoms that Viveca is sharing can also be the symptoms of a slightly underactive thyroid which is a common occurrence as women get older. Often just adding a bit (low dose) of thyroid supplementation can completely change everything. He recommends that I try this for a month and see how I feel. I trust him and think it is worth a try.

I don't know if I am experiencing adrenal fatigue - some of Viveca's symptoms relate to me, but not all, but I am definitely going to explore this. I have always been a night person. Going to bed early seems highly unlikely. But if a person functions later in the day, I don't see how that would matter - their circadian rhythm is just on a later schedule than most. Daylight affects the production of melatonin in our bodies and affects our sleep patterns, but there are plenty of night people who don't have issues with fatigue.

My opinion is that we have to be very careful in diagnosing ourselves and use due diligence, do our research, and experiment if it is not harmful. Be cautious in adding herbs, DHEA, hormones, and even "natural" treatments - as Heidi, states, even Licorice Root can be dangerous. You must get to know your body and it's best to find that open-minded knowledgeable doctor to guide you.

One other thing...Viveca. Many of your symptoms could have been caused by caffeine and carb addiction. Your post suggests that you are addicted. Caffeine is a drug and can play much havoc on the system, especially with the hormonal changes that women go through. Just by eliminating caffeine and refined carbohydrates from your diet, you will be on your way to major benefits and changes and nourishing the adrenals.

Thank you for bring this to our attention. I refuse to think that just because our estrogen is down, our energy needs to be also (I know most of you on this board are younger than I am, but still, all women should be aware as they approach menopause).

- Marilyn


Thank each of you for your comments and information on this subject,
I luckily don't think I am effected, but I do have a friend who lives with this daily
and I have been forwarding her your comments and stories..

she is eager to get her hands on any and everything... if anyone has any good
reading material for her could you please email me or IM me privately at

Thanks again. -Lynn


Lynn - it is so cool that you don't have this problem but you're checking in to support your friend. You are that helping word - keep it going ...  

Marilyn - yes, my name is Viveca and I am a coffaholic - not making fun of 12 step programs which are, in fact, something to put in the solution column. For some reason M I am not willing to give this up. I am waiting to be willing to let go - if that makes sense. 

Your helping word did inspire me to make an appointment to have tests done  I went for a walk - thought about what you said - marched back in that door and dialed.  

This morning I wanted to share some thoughts from one of my bibles on health,
 Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. Louise talks about mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them.

Adrenal Problems: Defeatism. No longer caring for the self. Anxiety.
New thought:
I Love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.

Fatigue: Resistance, boredom. Lack of love for what one does.
New thought:
I am enthusiastic about life and filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Thyroid: Humiliation. I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn.
New thought:
I move beyond old limitations and now allow myself to express freely and creatively.

 One pattern emerging from all of our conversations here is that there are many possible causes and solutions. Isn't that fun! 

I must also say that I am grateful to my fatigue. Because of it I finally read the book There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. I started meditating & eating better. I feel like I've learned to really live in the present - be more accepting of myself. I am very conscious of my energy now - of what gives me energy and what doesn't. 

This morning I chatted w/ my neighbor and showed her photos I've been taking of her beautiful garden. We had a great moment together & I came away energized.  

Final thought  for now! My friend Peeps always says Don't give up before you get your miracle. If you're down don't give up. Don't struggle. Relax, tune into life, love, friends - allow your solution(s) to come to you. We’ll keep this going … 

Love on! 


P.S.  Here's an idea! Today notice what gives you energy & and what takes it away. Can you eliminate or at least cut back on the things that take it away? Can you spend more time doing things that give you energy?

 P.P.S. I just read that chatting with a friend right after lunch energizes! Let's do it! Could it be so simple ...


I would also add:

Your time to prosper is now, show gratitude

We are all teachers

Something to share with someone everyday!



NEWS FLASH!  May 25th (the day before my birthday!)

Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone Blog is launched! Come visit, come share, come join in!

Note From Viveca: Symptoms above could also be indicative of other health problems from leaky gut syndrome to who knows what.  I was told and I'll tell you - take your symptons and consult with you MD or specialist immediately. Don't stop until you feel better i.e. it may take more than one opinion to get it right.

Do you have a success to share on this topic? Let's post it!
Do you have a challenge to meet? Do you need support? Let's post it!

 Don't be shy - feel free to drop me a line at

You are not alone. This too shall pass.

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