Viveca's Love Story


... back in August of 2001 I ended the relationship that was supposed to last my lifetime.
I'd like to say that my next move was to take time off, clear my mind, enjoy being single
and get to know myself but no! I went straight into ReboundLand!

I could and should write a book, a comedy, about the next 12 months.

Finally in August of 2002 I had an epiphany ... there are worse things than being alone. I surrendered to the revelation that all my thrashing about and frantic actions to find "the one"
a) weren't working and b) weren't healthy for my heart or self-esteem and c) it wasn't
personal♥ that nothing seemed to be working

Then I settled. I settled into really listening and learning from the experts I was interviewing on my own radio show!

I started this show so I could learn from the best and because I was worn out doing it my way. I was out of ideas -- been there, done that. It's also called the Get Ready for Love! Show for a reason! vs the Ready for Love Show or Let Me Show You How To Love Show!  

Anyway, it made sense to me. If I wanted to be great at tennis I'd go to tennis camp and practice with other tennis players. I might spend a lot of time on just one stroke like the serve or the volley. Parts of the game would come to me easily with little effort. Make sense to you?

Long story - short - I surrounded myself with Love experts & practiced with other players. I read lots of books, asked a lot of questions & learned to listen. I committed to learning how to succeed at Love. It's working ...

November 2003 we started dating. December 31st 2003 we spent the day riding roller coasters at Magic Mountain. Christmas Eve 2004 we got engaged. November 19, 2005 we'll be married. I can't wait. 

You Deserve Love.
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