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There is no obstacle so great that there is not also a way prepared
for me to succeed.
-The Jackrabbit Factor


Play Cashflow before you
get married ...
money affects everything you do.

-Robert's Advice to Viveca








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Do Your Research!

to Love them is to know all about them ...

Robert T. Kiyosaki's Love Story

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Robert says "Play CashFlow before you get married. Money affects everything important in our lives we ...Five months of persistence got him no where!!!

Then, Robert stopped and ...

did his "market research" and,
guess what he found out? 

his ex-girlfriend was her best friend!
(he asked for a referral)

She Loved champagne & moonlight walks
on the beach. (he gave her what she Loved.)

Wait! There's More!

  • It was meant to be.
  • My mom and dad were my mentors for marriage.
  • Kim's unwillingness to give up kept us going; she saw me at my worst and loved me like it was the best.
    I give her 99% of the credit.

  • We never say we can't afford to do something.
  • We buy assets to create the cashflow to buy what we want.


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