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Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years or More

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places – And Finding It!

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Finding true love can be as difficult as, well, pulling teeth.  Just ask Sidney Mendelson of Tallahassee, FL.  He met Rosalind, his beloved bride-to-be, as a result of having his wisdom teeth extracted.  Rosalind’s older sister was Sidney’s friend, and when she went to visit Sidney in the hospital, Rosalind traipsed along.  Sidney suddenly felt tingly – and it wasn’t from pain medication.  Upon his hospital discharge, he set forth to pursue Rosalind.  On June 30, 1940, they tied the knot.

As demonstrated by Sidney’s and Rosalind’s tale of introduction, love can strike anytime, anywhere.  For those feeling lovelorn this Valentine’s Day, keeping looking.  

Love may be awaiting you…….. 

While shopping for toiletries: In Franklinville, NY, Marian’s mother noticed they were running low on toilet paper.  She took Marian to the supermarket to have her run in and buy the refill while she waited in the car.  Marian did.  Almost.  Nearing the check-out counter, Marian saw the handsome, new manager at the cash register.  Marian dropped the toilet paper, dashed out of the store and jumped into the car.  After explaining the embarrassment to her mother, her mother disgustedly got out of the car and bought the toilet paper herself.  The handsome manager offered to take the groceries to her car.  On July 27, 1942, Marian and the “manager,” Francis Shuman, became husband and wife.

On just one more blind date:  5’ tall Nancy, of Wynnewood, PA, had sworn off blind dates because she inevitably got fixed up with men who towered over her.  In contrast, 6’2” Bill quit blind dates because he was always matched with women who barely reached his shoulder.  One day, a desperate girlfriend called Nancy because a group of lieutenants was in town and one more woman was need for a fix-up date.  “O.K. But this is the last time,” said Nancy.  And it was!  On October 17, 1942, Nancy and Bill Jones wed.

Via a tip from a co-worker: While working in Philadelphia, PA, a business associate gave Adolph Kurtzman the phone numbers of two young ladies he thought Adolph might like.  He dialed Fleurette’s number first and asked her for a date.  The other girl never received a call.  Adolph and Fleurette married on February 5, 1950.

At the blink of an eye: In Chicago, IL, Edyce and her girlfriends would scope out handsome men at the corner store where the neighborhood teens socialized; Morrie and his buddies would carouse there for beautiful ladies.  One day their eyes locked, they smiled, introduced themselves, and on September 3, 1948, Edyce and Morrie Ellis became husband and wife.

During someone else’s wedding: The wedding of Mary Rose’s best friend and Richard’s cousin provided the occasion for Mary Rose and Richard Tobin to meet.  On November 30, 1946, in Louisville, KY, they took their own stroll down the wedding aisle.

By getting a speeding ticket…or two: Henry and Corrine were introduced by friends at a local swim meet.  Afterward, Henry and his buddy gave Corrine and her friend a ride home.  Henry got caught speeding and the police confiscated his driver’s license.  Shortly after, Henry got yet another ticket – for speeding and driving without a license!  A dreadful day?  No way…because Henry met Corrine…and married her on October 1, 1932 in Batavia, NY.

            No matter where you are on February 14, “tune in” for love and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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