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#1: Rich Dad Poor Dad,
by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Wealth begins when you understand
the BIG difference between an asset
and a liability.

Easy, straight-forward read

Say goodbye to excuses and hello to finding your way to wealth - it is working for me - Viveca

click here * go to Robert T. Kiyosaki Interview with Viveca & Mari





The Jackrabbit Factor
Why You Can

Here's my testimonial for Leslie's
new book ... Loved it!

"Just in time! I feel like I read The Jackrabbit Factor just in time. I'm in a new town, new house, new life, getting ready to get married in November and just feeling lost. I don't believe in coincidences the minute I heard about your work I knew I had to read it NOW. Excellent! Thank you! I am excited! Back on track and I know what to do. ...gotta go busy writing 'it' down and submitting it to the Master Chef. Love on!"

 ~ Viveca Stone, Host,
Get Ready For Love! Radio



#3: Cashflow 101
by Robert T. Kiyosaki

If you loved Monopoly ...
If you hated Monopoly (I did!)

If you'd like to understand your bad financial habits "programs" and break through to the abundance you deserve AND
include your friends & family

(I played with my team for months.
Now Mafe owns 15+ homes and buildings; I'm developing Internet Real Estate and collaborations - we learned "how to" here ...)


PSSST! Click here for Cashflow 101 "Best of" Game Tips!




Fun, easy, straight-forward "how to" advice and instruction. I've had great results!



 Click Here!

# 4: Keep Learning

And now for some other jewels I've discovered along the way ...

 Kathy Browning's Feng Shui for Abundant Living ...

This is an excellent and easy "layman's" guide to using Feng Shui. I've set everything up - even my desktop! according to Kathy's e-book.

Also included handy remedies for Love, health, relationships, travel ...

Here's a wealth tip for you - place
a bamboo plant on the left hand
corner of your desk then notice,
notice, notice ... (and now you know what's on my desktop!)



# 5. Keep Learning

Make good use of your time and keep learning. While you drive to work or clean house or balance your checkbook or ...

Robert's Audio Products are
excellent including ...

The Cashflow Quadrant

The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt

The ABCs of  Real Estate Investing






88 MONEY Tips
Tools & Techniques from the Masters

Are you registered with the Get Ready for Love (& money) Community?

88 MONEY Tips is just of the gifts you'll receive when you register! Why? Because Love costs money and money can put a strain on Love. When you subscribe your benefits & gifts include 88 MONEY TIPS Tools & Techniques From the Masters!

# 6. Keep Learning!

Keep reading! Keep playing the game! Keep hanging hanging with successful optimists who encourage your growth and resolve!


Whether you think you can, or think
you can't, you're right.
-Henry Ford

Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse
to better.
–Richard Hooker

excerpts 88 MONEY
Tips, Tools & Techniques

by Viveca Stone


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