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How To Forgive


If you're going to seek revenge,
you'd better dig two graves.
-Chinese proverb

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Prison Of My Own
A True Story of Redemption and


Journal to Joy
Journaling * a tool for letting go, forgiveness & healing.
-Erica Miner








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Healing Power of Forgiveness
 * I Survived
with Dr. Carolle,
Kay Kopit & Erica Miner

is not forgetting, it's letting go of the hurt."
-Mary McLeod Bethune

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Listen    Guest:  Dr. Carolle, author Putting Your Life In Balance

and contributor, Talk With A Doc LIVE!

She's an author, philanthropist, gynecologist, international motivational speaker, clinical mentor AND a renowned medical intuitive ...

But before all of of this Dr. Carolle was a
little girl in Haiti abandoned by her mother?

Abused by her Tatante?

The Panic Attack - The Awakening Begins ...

Forgiveness healed Me ...
-Dr. Carolle

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Guest: Dr. Carolle

Dr. Carolle's "Forgiveness Formula"

Forgiveness is freeing - for yourself as well as for others.
It frees you from carrying the burden of past resentments.
It allows you to release the past so that all your energy can be fully available
for the present. Forgiveness is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.

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Listen    Kay's Love Story

Starting Over in Love .... Up on a roof top ...
or at least that's where it began!


Click Here: Listen   Kay Kopit, I Survived

                                                                                                               "Joey, I am thankful for the time we shared together and for the lessons I Kay & Joey - everything looked good on the outside ...made your peace and found your place in the heavens. I know in my heart you would be relieved to know I Survived." Kay Kopit


... dressed for a party at my mother's house. At this point everything we did together seemed to be an act covering
up all our secrets. I wanted normalcy so much I spent
a great deal of time controlling how we dressed and posed to make it look like we were the ideal couple.


Click Here:  Listen    Erica Miner, Author
Travels With My Lovers

"Erica is compelling and honest. her main objective is to help others bounce back
after  life's challenges and setbacks
." Monica Pierre

What do you do when your husband tells you he is gay?
Erica's choice ...

"He gave me such a great gift in the kids ... we had too much at stake, being friends, being parents. I had to cut my losses."


Click Here:  Listen   How To Forgive - how do we do it?

Viveca &  Buck Jr. & My Peeps wind down ...

Peeps say "don't forget we are at all different stages of Forgiving ..." Viveca says you
have to let go if you want to start over in love ...

Some of us are in pain, some in denial, some so angry ... that's why we come
together ... share wisdom, strength and hope.



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