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HSP Love Tips & Tools

Top 5 Tips for Highly Sensitive Persons and Love
Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in a relationship with a non-HSP 
has its  challenges - and its gifts. 
1) Recognize and Acknowledge that your sensitivities are unique. 
Release any expectations or hopes that your partner can/will feel the same things that you do. 
He/She may learn to understand your sensitivities  and support you; and he won't feel things 
as deeply as you. Letting go of expectations creates freedom and space in your relationship 
for both of you to show up as your Authentic Selves.

2) Learn to take really good care of YOU!
How does this fit into tips about relationships? Before you can ask someone else to
support you, you need to what kind of support you need. Learn what works for you -
what routines, ritual, habits help you be your Best Self.  For example, HSPs typically need 8-9
hours of sleep a night, down-time on a regular basis, and plenty of alone time to recharge.

3) Be willing to stretch outside your comfort zone, a little bit at a time.
One of the gifts of being with a non-HSP is the opportunity to strengthen your
social 'muscles'. Most likely your non-HSP likes to go out and socialize more than you do.
Pick an activity that is a bit of a stretch for you, but not too much. Over time, your social
'muscle' will get stronger and you'll get to enjoy more of life!

4) Don't fall in love with potential.
HSPs are great at seeing beyond the surface which means we're great at being visionaries
and seeing a person's true potential. Problem is, we can fall for a person's potential, and that
potential may or may not manifest this lifetime! Focus on who the person is here and now.
Love them for who they are.

5) Learn to say NO.
One of the toughest things for us sensitives to do is to say no, especially to someone
we love. HSPs love to please and make people happy. So we often say YES when we really
mean NO. You're not helping anyone when you become overwhelmed, frazzled and fried,
because you've taken on too many activities or aren't getting enough quiet 'recharge' time.

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Special Thanks To: Lauren Lee,  Women'sU President and co-founder of
"The Care and Feeding of Empaths and HSPs"
Laureen Lee, President, Women'sU & a happy HSP!

 Master Spirit Coach, Certified Prosperity Guide and President of Women'sU

Her own journey and experiences as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person, led her to
develop and embrace her gifts and create a toolbox with which to manage them. Her passion
is connecting people with their Spiritual Core, teaching them to find their Voice and embrace
their gifts, and encouraging them to speak their Truth and express themselves in the world.

You can contact Lauren @ SpiritCoach@womensu.com 
and visit her website @ www.EmpathsandHSPs.com

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