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How To Attract Love with Feng Shui
Your Happy Bedroom  Q & A 
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Terah Kathryn Collins, author, Feng Shui for Romance


Q: What’s the number one change we can make in our bedrooms to attract love and romance? 

A: Make the bed the King or Queen of the bedroom! Remove computers, exercise equipment, and other items that distract you from the room’s purpose: Rest, Rejuvenation, and Romance. If it’s impossible to remove these distractions, screen or cover them between uses. If you must have a television in the bedroom, make sure to store it in a covered cabinet or armoire to assure a restful romantic atmosphere.  

Q: I notice your book suggests that people remove family photos from around the bed. Why?   

A: Because it enhances a sense of privacy. Many people have noticed their inhibitions fall away when they relocate photos of their children, parents, and friends - who've been watching them in bed from their "ring-side" frames - to another part of the house. It’s not that the photos are “bad,” it’s the placement of the photos that’s questionable. 

Q: How do memories affect romance? 

A: Possessions can hold memories of the past in place, so it’s important to surround yourself with items that have pleasant memories. In the bedroom, nothing undermines the libido like whispers of old lovers that you worked so hard to leave behind. Take a good look around and remove any items that remind you of times you'd rather never think about again. Remember, it's not the cost or beauty of the thing, it's the memory it's keeping alive in your space. 

Q: What are the best colors for bed linens to attract love? 

A: Let’s admit it. One of the great pleasures in life is a luxuriously comfortable bed. When selecting linens, let your eyes - and your skin – choose the best quality in delicious colors. Think drinks and dessert, and imagine lounging on sheets in "flavors" such as caramel, mocha, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cabernet, or champagne…      

Q: Do you have any guidelines for lighting a bedroom? 

A: Lighting can make or break a romantic mood. All you have to do is take a good look at yourself in bright florescent or incandescent lighting and you’ll immediately put your bedroom lights on dimmers. It's the fastest, easiest way to create a romantic atmosphere with the flick of a switch. Candles and oil lamps can also turn up the ambience in the room. 

Q: You really don’t like mirrors in the bedroom. Why? 

A: We have a Feng Shui love saying: “Mirror Mirror on the wall.... you never stop showing ALL!”  Though mirrors can enhance the pleasure of a steamy night of intimacy - they also double the bright reality of the next morning. Curtaining mirrored closet doors and draping other show-all mirrors can give you the option to enjoy what the mirror has to reflect…. Or not. 

Q: Is it OK to have a bedroom directly attached to a bathroom?  

A:  Even when both rooms are beautiful, they serve very different functions and are ideally separated from each other by a door, screen, or curtain. Install dimmers on your bathroom lights too, or include a low-wattage lamp, so that the sexy atmosphere of the bedroom carries seamlessly into the bathroom. And yes, keep the toilet lid closed! There’s a Feng Shui saying that where the eye goes, the energy goes, and when the toilet is left open, it’s the first place the eye goes.   

Q: So are bathrooms a problem? 

A: No! They simply need their own space. They’re considered a private room, and can be made to be quite romantic in their own way by dimming the lighting and creating a spa-like atmosphere with beautiful bathroom linens and other luxurious appointments. Ideally, a bathroom is beautiful and offers colors, art, and décor to please all the senses.  

Q: What other rooms in the house are considered to be romantic? 

A: Ideally, every home has a romantic dining room or dining area to enjoy on the daily basis. I suggest people stop eating in front of the TV and reclaim the fine art of dining, which can be extremely romantic. Think of the most romantic restaurant you’ve ever been to and capture the same elements in your dining space, using lighting, art, flowers, and other romance-inducing enhancements.    

Q: Why does Feng Shui put so much importance on de-cluttering? 

A: In Feng Shui, clutter is equated with congestion. Do you want to attract chaos or do you want to attract love? Like attracts like ...

Think of how you feel when you have a head cold versus when you’re full of energy, and you get the picture. A congested house lacks energy and the clutter fills the space meant for new things, experiences, and opportunities. One of the most powerful things people can do to increase their health, wealth and happiness is to de-clutter, or decongest, their homes. 


Free Relationship Advice from Viveca Stone-Berry
Founder, Get Ready For Love! Radio and Community

Terah's a great teacher! I definitely learned how to attract Love with Feng Shui and I continue to apply this simple Q & A.

My best advice on how to attract Love? Hang out with mentors, communities, friends & family - with those who are great at Love and learn from them. One thing I learned was that like attracts like ... That's why I kept ending up in the same unhappy relationship with the same person. Yep. Like kept attracting like! Finally it hurt enough and I went for help from the pros. Then I started interviewing them, reading their books, filling out their questionnaires i.e. allowing the "best of the best" to coach me. It took time for my heart to soften & for me to learn how to listen and do what I was told. I was/am stubborn and committed to what I know how to do - whether it works or not! Sound familiar?

If you are up for a change ... If you realize that "like attracts like" ... if you are ready to learn how to attract the love you deserve .. Welcome! Keep Coming Back!

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
-James Bryant Conant

Stick your neck out. Love is a risk. You are worth it. (So are they.)

Love on! Viveca  

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