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Joe Filbeck, M.D.



Most of us have mixed emotions when we think of delicious Thanksgiving dinners and irresistible Christmas carbohydrate binges and how things incredibly delicious can so quickly reverse the past year’s devotion to rigorous exercise programs and sensible eating.   Do not despair!  There are a number of “tricks of the trade” to keep you body’s hormone chemistry balanced to maintain that lean, sculpted, body that you have worked so hard to chisel into shape.

The “Grinch” that can steal both your Christmas and your Thanksgiving, thanksgiving, is called “Insulin”.   Vital for life in the appropriate amount, excess Insulin has become an epidemic in our society known as, “Syndrome X” and more recently, “Metabolic Syndrome.”   The result can be in an increased likelihood of excess body fat, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, and possibly heart attack or stroke.    So when you think of carbohydrates, always think of Insulin.  Fats will not stimulate Insulin secretion nor will proteins.  Only carbohydrates like breads, pastas, fruits, jellies, jams, baked potatoes, pies, cakes, candy, alcohol, and cookies.  In other words, almost every delicious assortment of food that will adorn tables all over America this season.  Here’s the key to winning the battle.

  1. Do not stop working out!  Many people give up their workout routines approaching the holidays, vowing optimistic New Years resolutions to undo the damage.   A big mistake!  Exercise stimulates Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone production, two beneficial hormones that burn fat and increase lean body and muscle mass, just the reverse of Insulin’s fat storing action. 
  2. Balance Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats:  Include protein and “good fats” with every meal or snack.  “Good fats” is not an oxymoron.  Nuts, avocados, olives, olive oil, and any kind of meat can slow down the insulin rush and boost your production of Testosterone.  Proteins are essential in stimulating Human Growth Hormone production.
  3. Eat your proteins and fats first:  The body cannot digest carbohydrates and proteins and fats at the same time.  Go for the turkey or ham before you attack your mash potatoes or pile jelly on those hot rolls.  Slowing down the rapid uptake of sugar in the blood reduces the Insulin production to keep you in the right blood sugar “zone.”
  4. Have a checkup physical exam and laboratory studies to determine your hormone levels.  In this high stress society, it is common to find deficient levels of critical body chemistry that can sabotage the most intensive efforts at diet and exercise.  
  5. Go with the flow -  “tis the season to be jolly”, not to stress out over your holiday indiscretions.  It is likely that we all will indulge.  Stress opposes every good hormone in the body.  Help yourself to the feast but arrange your plate intelligently.



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Joe Filbeck, M.D. is the medical director and CEO of The Palm La Jolla Medical Spa specializing in anti-aging inner health through life style intervention and hormone replacement and outer beauty through non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures.  He is also an active member of the Aventine Sporting Club of La Jolla.

The Palm La Jolla Medical spa offers complete diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for intelligent sexuality. 
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