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True Love Stories continues!

David Essel, #6Author,
T.V. & Radio Host

"Love story with my mom & dad hasn’t always been as it is now … went from a great relationship to a very strained relationship … went home with my tail between my legs … immense pain … crying … Dad was right there  … hit me how much I needed my Mom and didn’t feel she was available  … wrote her a long letter … she calls and … ”


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True Love Stories! 


He was getting divorced for the second time.

She was in Love with another man. 

“…we knew one another from our work environment. We had a friendly, collegial relationship. One day … looked at her across the room … like someone flipped a switch … tunnel of light between us … transfixed … timeless … suddenly switch turned off. What happened???"

Mari Smith went from single & broke to marrying the love of her life & building financial security with her husband in less than three years.  Now you can too!


Mari Smith

"Letting go is key … we say what and the universe says how?

Lonely in Love ... started to write down … got so clear … 7 pages  … affirmations, visualizations

…an out of the blue offer from friends to move from Scotland to San Diego
… 30 day ticket … day 29 ... my friend dreams of introducing me to ... job, visa, a few months later we met at a
3 day seminar, Money & Me  …"

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True Love Stories! 

Chris Murch,

Just needed Love & a watch!

… probably wouldn’t give me the time of day if we hadn’t been captured together for 10-11 days on an adventure down the Colorado river … mutual family got us together …  just getting out of the Marine Corp. … environment  where we were able to become friends, know each other laugh - for 10 days – thought the world of her – didn’t think there was a future – got home 3 messages on the machine from Marika … there’s a future here?!

But can he keep his commitment and what about the watch?

Scott Kalechstein,
Music Minister

A Love Song For B's Brother

"… your brother’s in a downward spiral and you would like to help but you’re feeling helpless about it all …

 if you could you’d find a way to lift your brother up but it’s like you have run into a brick wall ... we teach by example we communicate Love by not entering the quicksand you've got to stand outside their drama to be a helpful friend …"

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True Love Stories! 


Life Is a Matter of Attention recording

Gregg Kreech,
Expert in the Field
of Japanese Psychology


"...developing a sense of gratitude makes us aware of how much we are loved … in a practical way …  inspired to give something back … we have a natural tendency to focus on the ideal – this person isn’t meeting my expectations … the gap between the reality and the ideal … every time will disappoint us …

Our experience of life is not based on our life but on what we pay attention to..."


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