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Sonia Choquette, Vibrational healer, Six Sensory Spiritual Teacher, Author, Trust Your Vibes

It's not easy for a physic to find Love ...
Men were intimidated - thought that she was
reading their minds!

She asked Spirit for a husband, not a date!

Egypt was their grand finale - the last hurrah before they went their separate ways but instead ...

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True Love Stories!

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Yea these arms are around me AGAIN

May 9, 1998 Maarten and Julia celebrate National Windmill Day

"I was in San Diego ... he was in the Netherlands ... IRC <Internet Chat> brought us together ... we weren't looking for "it."

Jan Eliot, Stone Soup Comics


"...  I found Love for the 2nd Time and I couldn't be happier ... one of those lucky people that found someone later in my life who is just perfect for me .... my life is all about 2nd chances ... besides being remarried I started
my new carrier at 45 years old ..."

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True Love Stories!


Linda Miller, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Linda Miller, kicking back - there's life after corporate land!
at 48 she had stopped looking - stopped trying

Been there - done that.

Then she met him (on the internet!),
dated & moved her heart to Michigan!

What went right? How? Could it work for you, too?

Robert T. Kiyosaki, author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Five months of persistence got him no where!!!

Then, Robert stopped and ...

did his "market research" and,
guess what he found out? 

his ex-girlfriend was her best friend!
(he asked for a referral)

She Loved champagne & moonlight walks
on the beach. (he gave her what she Loved.) Click here to hear the rest of the story ...!

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True Love Stories!

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