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Money Tips
Mentor:  Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

-excerpt 88 MONEY
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Feng Shui Love Colors
Red (Yang) – This is the color of good fortune. It attracts recognition and respect for the person who uses it especially in the winter. Use Red to attract love and money, luck, joy and protection. It is the color of confidence.



True Love Stories!







Audio Streams of Intimate Interviews with The Masters

How To Attract Love & Money!
with Sandra Anne Taylor, Loral Langemeier,
Marilyn Jenett
Terry Hernon MacDonald

Over 90 Million Singles in America want to know "why am I still alone?"
Are you one of them? - Sandra Taylor

Click Here: Listen & Learn!  Sandra Anne Taylor
author, Secrets of Attraction  The Universal Laws of
Love, Sex and Romance


How to attract Love & tune your romance frequencies to HIGH!

Your Love Attraction Quotient = who you'll attract & why

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Click Here : Listen & Learn    Guest Terry Hernon MacDonald, author, Marry Smart!

How to Attract the Love of your life
& marry him or her 
(Even If You're forty something, Not Rich, Thin or Beautiful)   

Take Terry's "Marriage Test."
See for yourself
IF ...
you are really ready to attract Love and be loved -
 if you're just fooling yourself (and teasing them!)


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Click Here:  Listen & Learn!    Guest:  Loral Langemeier

Loral LangemeierWhile some wonder "Why am I still alone?" others wonder,
"Why Am I still so broke?"

Loral Langemeier & the universal laws on how to attract Love & Money.
She says we should "flex our money muscles!"

Laurel's called a lot of names - The Wealth Diva ... The Millionaire Maker ...


♥ ♥ ♥

Click Here: Listen & Learn!    Guest: Marilyn Jenett, Founder & Teacher of 
The Feel Free To Prosper Program

Do you want wealth - really? Would you like to learn a universal law of prosperity and how to attract money AND maybe even some love to go with it?

Can you - watch your words?

Can you ...

Avoid talking negatively about $ - totally - for 2 weeks?

Viveca goes for it in the field of all possibilities and learns how to attract love and money ...
And guess what? It really works!!!


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Notice where you put your attention ... work with the universal law of attractions ... notice your word  .... take the marriage test ...  if you're 30 something, forty something, 50 something ...
it's not too late to learn how to attract Love & Money!


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