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    Your Friends at Get Ready For Love Radio
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    AND start living the Love you deserve.
    Winter 2009

    Dear friend,

    It's not fear that makes our lives narrow and small - it's avoidance.

    -Dr. Harriet Lerner
    This publication is sent to our valued clients a.k.a. "Love Lights." Our goal is to support your desire to live the Love you deserve in all areas of your life - personally, physically, professionally, financially and spiritually.

    headshotViveca's Letter

    Dear Friends,

    Yes. It has quite awhile since you have received the Get Ready For Love Newsletter. That in an understatement and one of those sentences that leaves the writer dangling.

    To make a long story short -

    Over that past 18 months my husband's frequent migraines turned into daily, excruciatingly events. As his world dulled mine retreated. I became a lay expert in diet, exercise, alternative health practices, medications, medication side affects, isolation and fear.

    Now does my silence make sense?

    People in fear shut down. So does their passion, creativity, joy and even rational thinking. What amplifies is dis-ease.

    I am sharing this with you because 1) If you are where I've been this issue with give you breakthrough options, opportunities and hope; 2) If you have a friend or family member who is "there," please pass this on and 3) I want to share my happy news!

    During this time I was surrounded by people who loved me and Michael. Some were in the flesh, others were angels. I held onto what My Peeps said "Don't give up before you get your miracle."

    Three months ago friend pushed me into reading one-more-book and voila! We have our days and nights and lives back.

    My friends, what I re-discovered is this: Perseverance + Friendship = Miracles! I know there is a miracle waiting to reward you too. Maybe it will be a link or book mentioned in this newsletter. Maybe it will show up tomorrow in an comment over a cup of java. Perhaps it will be in your next elevator ride or on a corner you pass while walking your dog.

    When it does, do share. Share it with your friends and family to life their spirits. Share it with me. I love a good story.


    P.S.I just put up a page on our BLOG for anyone to share their current challenge and/or their recent breakthrough.

    P.S.S. The first person to post today, January 29th, will receive a very special gift from me! Here is the link:


    earaudioFear Recovery and Self-Discovery Opportunities.
    What's going bump in your head - "how to" turn down the volume and turn it off.

    Listed below are normal, everyday, every- heart obstacles to fearless loving. Take your pick! Note: All topics have a corresponding audio you can tune into, 24/7, for FREE. These won't be up forever so do tune in ASAP.

    Fear of Intimacy.a.k.a. Lack of Trust.

    Have you been hurt and just can't seem to let go of the past to open up and love again? First you need to trust yourself. Click here to tune into Sonia Choquette, author of,
    Trust Your Vibes and you will learn how to follow your heart.

    Also features shares from Linda Miller, Founder, Allow

    Fear of Failure a.k.a. Lack of Self-Worth

    "None of get out of here alive," according to Woody Allen. Additionally, none of us get out of here without experiencing gut wrenching financial and emotional distress!

    Mine occurred when my business was destroyed on 9/11. During my recovery Robert T. Kiyosaki helped me get out woe-is-me and what's-the-use thinking and get the skills I needed to get back in the game and succeed. And yes, wealth is a game.

    Click here to listen into our interview with Mari Smith as Co- Host.:

    To read the interview transcript, click here:

    Fear of Success a.k.a. Lack of Self-Esteem Can a woman or a man really have it all? Can you be very successful and still be very loved? A motley panel of experts look at this topic from every angle and we have one lively discussion! Features Terry Hernon MacDonald, Founder, Single Woman Rule, Marilyn Jennet, Feel Free To Prosper Founder.

    Click here to go to our interview page.

    All about Fear, Anxiety and Shame. What we all do, why we do it and how to make different choices. This is also an excellent topic to listen into with your teen-ager. I wish I had understood this thirty or forty years earlier how to dance with fear.

    Psst. The audio link boxes for this interview don't show up on Mozilla. You will need to use Internet Explorer.

     Our Featuredsingles Product

    The Essential Laws of FEARLESS LIVING

    Since launching The Get Ready For Love Show in 2003 I've had the pleasure of sitting beside and at the knees of some great teachers. One of those is Mr. Guy Finley. Our original interview discussed his book, Apprentice Of The Heart Lessons in Life Only Love Can Teach.

    Today I am h-a-p-p-y to announce his newest book,
    The Essential Laws of FEARLESS LIVING.

    Guy's message is step-by-step, gentle and concise. FEARLESS LIVING is full of easy and practical exercises to help anyone gain confidence in themselves and breakthrough the noise to live the loving Life they deserve.

    For more information, fearlessly click right here and go to the product information page.

    Psst. There are also some fabulous bonus offers included in this celebration. You can read all about them there as well.

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