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Winter 2009
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    Self-Love - How To Love Yourself
    Easy does it. But, do it!

    Dear friend,
    If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself.
    - Barbara De Angelis
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    This publication is sent to our valued clients a.k.a. "Love Lights." Our goal is to support your desire to live the Love you deserve in all areas of your life - personally, physically, professionally, financially and spiritually.

    headshotViveca's Letter

    Dear Friends,

    How are you today?

    Me, I am Loving our topic this month – Self-Love:: How to promote it. How to know if you got it! Big thanks go out to our member, Lola, for suggesting it.

    You know what is weird? Every month for the past two years every one of our topics was decided by an in-the-moment inspiration. Yes, this is our first scheduled topic.

    Here comes the weird part (or not, you decide.)

    Two weeks ago, out the blue, I was invited to go to a “Healthy Relationships” Workshop. Sounded good to me so I said Yes.

    Well it was last Saturday and the actual topic was -- “Learning to Love Yourself.”

    It was awesome. I came home pooped out emotionally and intellectually - just wanted to chill and let the insights roll around and a fun, mindless comedy was just the ticket.

    Although there were a some chuckles “The Break Up” was anything but mindless entertainment. I won’t say more but what an unexpected fit with our "Self-Love" topic – rent it as soon as you can.

    Finally last night I started reading “The Dynamic Laws of Healing.” What does it the "sign" of healthy Self Love?. GREAT health.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I GOT it. Self-love is up for review in my life. If you are reading this – TAG! - it is up for review in yours, too!

    Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

    Love on!


    P.S. Feel free to participate in this topic or any topic. You can drop me a note at

    P.S.S. Don't pass by the link below "Self- Love :: 20 Ways To Say "I Love Me!" . It will give you a some good ideas -- and -- send in yours!

    Self-Love :: 20 Ways To Say -- I Love Me!

    earaudioSelf-Love, Self-Discovery & Relationship Growth Opportunities!
    What's in the way of YOU, Loving you?

    Here are a few blocks I have had to uncover and work through! What about you? Note: All topics have a corresponding audio you can tune into, 24/7, for FREE. These won't be up forever so do tune in ASAP.

    Shame. If we’re alive the odds of doing something we regret, something that makes us feel ashamed or guilty, go up. Don’t let the past spoil your present.
    Click here to tune into this hidden pain and learn “how to” let-it-go and dance, baby, dance.

    Trust. Do you trust yourself? Your heart? Do you know there are simple exercises you can do to build up a reserve of trust, acceptance and hope? Click here to tune into Trust Your Vibes and follow your heart.

    Forgiveness. Forget about forgiving him, her or them. What about yourself? That is who we are most angry at and frustrated with (we just think it is about them.) Click here and get on it today!

    People Pleasing. This was a real toughly for me. I was so out of touch with myself, my heart, my likes – me. Are you stuck in the can’t say no, people- pleasing-pit too? Click here for insights and relief. And, see the link below for an article written just for us!

    Other? Are there other blocks between you and you Loving you? Please visit our interview archives. You can also propose a topic by dropping me an e-mail at

    Click here and read -- An Epidemic of Nice People (Is this you?) by James Rapson, author, Anxious To Please

    singlesCommunity News from Our Tribe!

    Sheryl Kurland, Back Talk Contributor, Wants to Share!
    Who can't use a little "relationship" advice to start the new year - especially if it's from couples who've been-there-done-that...successfully??? These pearls of wisdom are e-mailed out every Monday.
     Visit  to register and receive yours!

    Kathy Browning, Writer & Fatigue Be Gone! Contributor, Wants Our Support & Votes! K has written a fantastic article every woman needs to read. It explains Adrenal Fatigue, what it is, how it affects us & how to recover. Click here to read “Are You Constantly Tired?” AND please vote for it when you do. (Raises Kathy's viability on "Associated Content" - very important.)

    Viveca Stone–Berry – Moi – Needs help launching the GRFL on-line forum. Would you, or someone you know, be able to volunteer some time & expertise? Artists, writers, photographers, organizers, webmasters – any level of support or contribution is welcome!

    Are you a member with NEWS for us? Please e-mail to be included in a future issue.

    Relationship Advice from Couples Married 50+ Years!

    Debra says --- I am engaged to a wonderful man whom I love dearly. We have many things in common and enjoy our time together. We have only one problem, but it is a big one. He is a spender and I am a saver. He loves to shop for clothes and electronics and only buys the best of everything. When we travel, we stay in the finest hotels and enjoy great meals. I certainly can't complain about that, but I have simple tastes, am satisfied with much less, and my bank account and investments are substantial. He, on the other hand, has very few assets.

    Needless to say, I know a pre-nuptial agreement is in order, but ---

    What advice does Sheryl's team have for Deb? Click here to find out!
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    Want to chime in? Just drop me a note. We all have a piece to the puzzle.
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