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Reading List
Relationship Advice

&  The Dance of Fear

 Everlasting Matrimony
       Pearls of Wisdom

&      Gentlemen Start Her Engine - And Keep it Running

Even my husband wants to read this book!
-The Rebecca Review *
On-Line Book Review

&     How to Remodel A Man

&      Romantic Antics

&    Secrets of Attraction
The Universal Laws of Love,
Sex & Romance

&      The Man's No Nonsense
Guide to Women



&      Apprentice of the Heart: Lessons in Life Only Love
Can Teach

&      Love Heals:
How to Heal Everything with Love

&      Why We Love: The Nature & Chemistry of Romantic Love

&      Till Death Do Us Part
Unless I Kill You First

&      Find A Husband After 35

&      Men Are Like A Pair of Shoes

&      Cathy Comics  Love, Work, Mom & Food

&      Unmasking the Soul

&      Weekends In New England

       &      &     &       

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The Rebecca Review: Rebecca Johnson is a "Top Ten" On-Line Book Reviewer for Amazon a gourmet chef and author of the new Seasoned With Love Cookbook.

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 Free Relationship Advice * Love Tip #1

Halt * Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Before you have "that" conversation - write that memo or answer that phone - handle your need.

You don't have to apologize for the things you never said ...

Love Tip #2  

Quit Taking It Personally

We wouldn't worry about what people thought about us if we knew how seldom they did.

(I have no idea who said that but  - wow! - it sure hit me between the eyes and helps me  keep a sense of perspective.)


Love Tip #3  

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On-Line Book Reviews * NOW READING

& Write Your Way To A Life You Love Personal Time Management from the Inside Out

& Ponder, Catherine, The Healing Secrets of the Ages
This is a wow read. Applies everywhere -- heart, body, mind, finances ...

&  Breathnach, Sarah Ban, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy
I am reading a page here and there & loving it!

& The Bible - a couple pages a night. Finally.

On-Line Book Reviews - JUST READ - Just Heard

&  Rapson & English, Anxious to Please - 7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice

Note: New Interview!
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& Ponder, Catherine, The Dynamic Laws of Healing

& Phillips Jan, Marry Your Muse Making A Lasting Committment To Your Creativity
Inspirational. Excellent for self-explorers, writers and journaling.

Aron, Elaine N., The Highly Sensitive Person How to Thrive
When the World Overwhelms You -- 
Illuminating. Now I understand.
Read it - not just for yourself - but so you can really "be there" for the
sensitives you Love.
King, Stephen, On Writing - I Love it!  An excellent, inspirational & bottom line
guide for writers. I listen to this audio while cooking & cleaning.
Gives me ideas. Hope. How to. I've been writing more and more ... Come visit my work! Click here to read my latest articles about re-Energizing Love & Momdom.

& Calloway Gregory, As Simple As Snow. This is unusual, elegant, poetic read. It fits with my more dreamy - relaxing - tasting life mode. Great characters.

& Yeager, Selene, The Doctor's Book of Food Remedies Been in research mode over this past month - cleaning up - clearing out and re-energizing my body. This is a great resource. Rented it from the library but it is a must buy for my library.

& Jones & Crook, M.D. The Yeast Connection Cookbook Also started off as a library preview & ended up owned and in my kitchen. Good receipts - good ideas. Do you have
a problem with Candida? Click here for more information. It is one of those "hidden" fatigues.

the five people you meet in heaven Almost forgot! I am listening to this in the audio book format. Poetic - lingering - touching ... this is gorgeous and the reader is fantastic. I started listening while cooking & driving.

& Diane Nichols, Prison Of My Own  A True Story Of Redemption & Forgiveness.

At first it didn’t seem like my kind of book. For the past three years, as founder of the
Get Ready For Love!
Radio Show, I’ve spent all my time reading about love. Self love, relationship love, spiritual love, familial love, physical love, how to love

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Margaret Wolff, In Sweet Company Conversations with Extraordinary
Women About Living A Spiritual Life

I feel as if I know these women, more than know them. I feel as if they are friends of mine. Olympia Dukakis, Sister Helen Prejean, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Le Ly Hayslip, Riane Eisler … They range in ages from 31-91 … They are writers, priests, Fullbright Scholars, Seneca elders, freedom fighters, historians, psychotherapists, dancers, authors, mothers  …

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&      Charlie Jones and Kim Doren, That's Outside My Boat
Letting Go Of What You Can't Control

Great desk-side companion. I keep quoting from it to my husband, his friends, my friends, anyone I happen to talk to. Full of quick inspiration and bottom line "how to" action items. (Each chapter takes about a minute to read.) Here is one of my favorite quotes from Charlie ... and it was hard to choose just one!

"Worrying is rehearsing for failure." - Charlie Jones

Get this for yourself and a copy for a friend. - Viveca


&      Dr. Harriet Lerner,  The Dance of Fear
Rising Above Anxiety, Fear & Shame
to Be Your Best & Bravest Self

"Fear is not something to be conquered or eliminated - or even tackled, for that matter. Instead, we may need to pay close attention to its message."
-Dr. Harriet Lerner

Excellent. Even though I have read a lot self-discovery and "how to" relationship books - even though I've attended many seminars & lectures - even I thought I knew a lot about this topic ... I had major ah has & breakthroughs with The Dance of Fear.

Do you talk Love or talk shame? Are you anxious & fearful? How do your SO
"Significant Others" relate to you? Your work mates?

What really "got me" about our interview & her book is that I was unaware of how I was
talking & feeling & being related too. My ears are open and I am shifting to a better,
more Loving and open space. Thank you Dr. Lerner!


&      Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make
A Big Difference

"The three rules of the Tipping Point - the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, the Power of Context ... provide us with direction for how to go about reading a Tipping Point." 
-Malcolm Gladwell

No, this is not your average Love relationship read BUT  it is totally applicable -
If you're looking for Love and feeling stuck - this is perfect - it will add a different perspective &  fresh inspiration for your quest.
(And you apply what you learn to your business too!) - Viveca

Rating * Excellent!

Nelson, Tommy, The Song of Solomon A Study of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Romance: Study Guide  (Mafe told me about this one - it is a biblical point of view - I am fascinated to find out what our elders have to say - could advice from then work now? I'll let you know!)

Hope, Recovery & Inspiration

The Hospital By The River: A Story of Hope

&      Swimming With Maya, A Mother's Story

&      I Survived  One Woman’s' Journey of Self-Healing and Transformation

&      After Anne

&      Loss & Found:  Surviving The Loss of a Young Spouse

&      No Condition is Permanent

&      The Jackrabbit Factor
How To Eliminate Risk Through Inspiration


&      Rich Dad Poor Dad




&      Laughter Therapy : How to Laugh About Everything In Your Life
That Really Isn't Funny

&      A Very Hungry Girl

&      Wake Up Live The Life You Love

&      Expecting Adam

&      Feng Shui for Abundant Living


Body Love


&      Fatigue Be Gone!
Reading Recommendations, click here
OR go to www.FatigueBeGone.com

AUTOIMMUNITY: It's Time for Truth;
It's Time to Heal

&      The Fat Fallacy

&      Mind, Body, Soul & Wealth
Putting Your Life in Balance

&      The Vitality Connection Ten Practical Ways to Optimize Your Health and Reverse the Aging Process

&       A Conspiracy of Silence – Alcoholism

&      The Joy Diet

The Fat Flush Diet The World's Best Foods, Seasonings and Supplements

Spirit Love

&      Trust Your Vibes
33 Secrets to Living a Six Sensory Life

&      Slow Down, The Fastest Way To Get Everything You Want

&      Naikan, Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

&     In Sweet Company Conversations with Extraordinary Women about
Living a Spiritual Life

&  There's A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem

&      The Life You Were Born To Live

&      Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

&      The Game of Life and How to Play It

&      Unmasking the Soul



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