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8 Great Gifts!
for you - for them!

The Crowd Pleaser  * Paaarrrtttty!
Green * L & M  * Testify
Entertain ...
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Love Articles
& Special Reports

Where is Love & Money?

You Can Date My Pet BUT  
please fall in love with me!

The Game of Love
Love's Law of Attraction

Making Space for Love ...

Benefits of Laughter

Back Talk! couples married
50+ years answer your questions

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Favorite Money Resources!



8 Great Gifts!
for you - for them!

The Crowd Pleaser  * Paaarrrtttty!
Green * L & M  * Testify
Entertain ...
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Favorite LOVE Resources!



Love Tips

Q*Tip Quit Taking It Personal

Know what you want -
Pick Your Picnic ...


Love Says

You have to look up if you want
to see a shooting star.
-Michael Berry

Never worry about numbers.
Help one person at a time, and
always start with the person
nearest you.

–Mother Teresa

For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead.
–Thomas Jefferson



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Feng Shui Love

Round Things
~ in Feng Shui,
circles symbolize unending, eternal
Love - nice to have around in the relationship area!

Orange (Yang) ~ Orange is the
color  of organization; provides a
sense of purpose and strengthens concentration. Wear orange when
you need to be creative in Love, money, anything!

 Matching Pairs ~ replace single
items with matching pairs of things: a pair of dolphins, two red candles,
two hearts make of rose quartz ...



Money Tips

Whatever I need to accomplish, my goal will be drawn to me once I have planted the seed in my mind.
-The JackRabbit Factor

Mistakes are simply indications of
what you did not know.
-Robert T. Kiyosaki


Favorite LOVE Resources!



HSP Love Tips

Learn to say No! One way is to say
 "I'll let you know" instead of your automatic "yes."

Keep the focus on yourself.
Learn what works best for you and how to accept support from others. Part of giving is receiving ...


Acknowledge that your
sensitivities are unique. 
Are you an HSP?



  True Love Stories!



"Best of" Self Help & Discovery Communities
helping women be, do and have the Love they desire ...

Happy Girl Musing: Dating advice (almost daily) because you deserve to be loved. Self help, humor and hope for stressed out moms. Women's support and motivation for weight loss and exercise, health and nutrition Weekly internet radio show to help you ... heal yourself. : Dating Advice Talk Radio Show. 
It’s like calling mom—without the guilt .

Comfort Queen : A place to be kind to yourself.  :: quality Self Improvement and Natural Health information to help people improve their lives. We provide information ranging from Goal Setting and Stress Management to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine. 

Vision Magazine :: body ~ mind ~ spirit ~ earth - Your Catalyst for Conscious Living ::  Finding Recovery Together * Listen... Your soul is calling to you. Answer its call and make the connection. Hear its universal whisper. Feel its universal touch. See its universal light. Let its universal truth guide you along your path. Open up to life's possibilities and let your soulful journey begin... * Carna Zacharias-Miller helps women who grew up without a mother due to death, illness or emotional unavailability feel better – fast. * Amada Larson brings the wine country experience into your home. Not all wine - great gifts as well!  * Lea Yekutiel is helping people to grow personally and spiritually not just through philosophy but through actual personal experiences that anybody can learn.  * Robin Harris will help you turn your personal story and expertise into a valuable marketing tool to attract your ideal client.  * Pamela's Prosperity Power Training is a national training company offering individual and corporate training, life coaching, and an extraordinary grant program to help individuals and businesses fulfill their goals and dreams. * Gino DelCianico teaches people how the power of thought has a direct effect in their lives and how they can use the power of their minds to attract whatever they want in all areas of their lives, emotionally, physically and spiritually. *  Susan Levy is a cosmic coach and teacher who applies universal principles and  karmic astrology to help the baby boom generation find their personal 
secrets of youth and vitality.
* Marilyn Noble is a freelance writer/editor and ghostwriter who specializes in telling the stories of people who do amazing things, live inspiring lives and change the world.  She writes magazine articles and books, and helps other authors by editing and ghostwriting. * Debra Hubers-Paradis is your “Chief Pampering Officer" and licensed skin care and nutritional specialist. Her  passion is educating &  empowering her  clients on how to create beautiful skin from within along with creating and maintaining more vitality and joy in their lives. is ready – 24/7 – to share its wisdom, strength, hope and humor on the topic of Love   Romantic * Familial * Friendship   
Tune into internet radio interviews with best-selling authors, doctors, spiritualists and humorists on the topic of Love. BONUS! Free access to their Relationship Tips, Tools
and techniques * Sue Oneschuk's product Ramedica is an Herbal Wonder Balm that relieves aches and pains. She has a number of customers who have reduced or have completely come off of their pain medication for various ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain and have actually stopped a migraine headache at its onset. * Suzy Morgan works with your angels to empower you through their shared gifts of psychic vision and healing, by phone or in person. * Author Steven Lane Taylor asks “How would you like every moment of every day to feel like one miracle happening after another?  How would you like to live your life with less stress and more success?  It's possible.  It's called being in the divine flow.” * Patrick Mathieu helps people live more vital lives by encouraging them to acknowledge, accept and embrace their mortality.  He does this through keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, as well as through his new book: "What's YOUR Expiry Date?" * Romy Macias’s products are precisely Law of Attraction in the form of a prosperity program, a true master piece written 100 years ago by an amazing woman, pioneer of the New Thought Movement. * Carol Morgan teaches people how to transform their negative beliefs into positive ones so they can manifest the life they desire. More Money? A Meaningful Career? Better Relationships? Perfect Health?
To Grow Your Business?  * Since burning out in the mid-80s and almost taking his life, Brad Swift has dedicated himself to assisting people to clarify their true, divinely inspired life purpose and to live true to it.  His “Life On Purpose Process” – a proven, systematic, spiritually based coaching approach has already assisted thousands – are you next? * Barbara C. Phillips says women re you tired of seeing black balloons and over the hill merchandise at birthday celebrations! We want to celebrate, not hold a wake! We want to age on their own terms! OlderWiserWomen works with women who want to experience the freedom magic and wisdom of successful aging. * Barbara Casey is a Spiritual Niche Marketing Consultant and host of a 90-page website of spiritual marketing tips, tools and articles for small business owners who want to make a difference in the world. * Ann Swift works with people who want to live lives of Purpose, Passion and Play AND turn a house into home … She take homes that have not been lived in or taken care of and turn them from just a house to a home. This can often be with someone who has had some financial difficulties and is getting back on their feet. Or it can be someone who just getting started. Either way instead of just a place to rent they now have a home.  * Alexia Alderson Chamberlynn’s Prosperity Power Training is a national training company offering e-learning, life coaching and group training for personal and professional enrichment.  They offer a number of free services as well, including a free 7-day training, free daily quote club and free monthly newsletter. * Diana Kennedy is a Celebration Coach! She helps people build their businesses and change their lives for the better through applying the Law of Attraction. Just recently, she coached a woman who wanted to travel more and be more prosperous in her massage business. Using Diana’s techniques she is now planning her second trip to Amsterdam. * Linda Miller wants to know if you are tired of forgetting birthdays or looking for a way to keep in touch with your customers, clients, family and friends, try the new Automated Greeting Card System, with 2500 REAL Greeting Cards or Postcards which can be personalized and printed in your own handwriting.

ByOurShoeStrings * Nancy Johnson’s Small Business Referral Network is a group of like minded home based Business owners that believe in cooperative marketing, networking and finding ways to work together and developing business contacts and alliances. * Jennifer Berry’s job is to help us find ways to organize our lives, while keeping in mind our individual needs and life styles.  She has recently written a book :”Weekly Organizing Tips” that makes organizing easy by offering a step-by-step guide. Are you ready to get it all together?!  * Jamie Walters provides inspiration, resources, and consulting services for big-vision entrepreneurs, healers, educators, and visionary leaders who endeavor to make a conscious, positive impact in their world and through their organizations. * Diane Carter asks “Are you thinking about your company’s branding and don’t have a clue what you need or even what’s available to you? Then it’s time to contact us with your questions and needs.” * Evangelist Darnella Moore invites you to build your divine love life and experience victorious living in your mind, body, soul, as well as within your home and business through the love and wisdom of God flowing through God’s Evangelist and Your Sister, Darnella Moore. 

12Step.Org :: Self-help resources and information for 12 Step Programs



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