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There is no obstacle so great
that there is not also a way
prepared for me to succeed.
-The Jackrabbit Factor


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Audio Streams of Intimate Interviews with The Masters

Get Wealth - Get Smart
with Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki
and guest Host Mari Smith

Segment 1:
Listen    Guest
Robert Kiyosaki, author
Rich Dad Poor Dad,


Robert Kiyosaki, author, Rich Dad Poor DadReal life is a multiple guess test and if you don't make mistakes you won't don't ahead.     
Robert Kiyosaki

Learn how to leverage hard ... not work hard.

Robert's Advice to Viveca - Play cash flow before you get married - money affects everything important in our lives ...


Segment 2:  Listen    Guest:   Robert Kiyosaki

  Cash Flow 101! The game is spreading throughout the world ... play it 8-10 times
and you'll change the way you're thinking & creating wealth!

Our children are facing a more difficult world ... 50% of their income will go to just keeping
us old timers alive ... they need to be much more financially savvy.

At test time he was very cooperative ... his teachers called it cheating ...

Cash Flow "Best Of" Game Tips from Viveca!

Segment 3 Listen      Love Story! with  Robert Kiyosaki

Five months of persistence got him no where!!!

Then, Robert's market research showed ...

that his ex-girlfriend was her best friend

that she Loved champagne & moonlight walks on the beach

and  ...


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